CHHS Open Data Portal—Key Resources


The CHHS Open Data Portal offers two key data resources for navigating the portal and getting the most of the data assets available–which are of particular interest to true data aficionados.

Open Data Catalog Index

The Open Data Catalog Index (also known as the “Dataset of Datasets”) offers the holy grail for data geeks. The data collection includes an API-accessible entry for every dataset on the portal, including a unique identifier, object type, name, description, creation data, last update, posting frequency, temporal and geographic coverage, limitations/exclusion statement, comments on how it can be used, and more. Dig-in and have at it!

Licensed Facility Crosswalk

Because CHHS programs use various IDs to identify different healthcare facilities in different datasets—serving specific programmatic and data management needs–it can be difficult to match facilities from disparate datasets. To provide a better way to access and link facility data across CHHS programs, the CHHS Open Data Team partnered with Civic Knowledge, an open data research firm that helps governments and non-profits make better use of their data, to develop the Licensed Facility Crosswalk.

The crosswalk allows users to identify and match facilities based on the information contained in an open data table. The tool was immediately leveraged by Civic Knowledge in their work in San Diego County, but is also made available on the portal for anyone to use. Staff from CHHS departments now use the same tool to integrate data from different departments, showing how an investment in the open data initiative created the community connection that drove an important process improvement.